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Be Seeing You RPG Up On Kickstarter

Cameras. Pretty much everywhere. 1984 warned us about a society with no privacy. But that's where you find yourself in Be Seeing You, a new RPG all about Independence, Control, Freedom, and Compliance that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

BE SEEING YOU is an RPG about Independence, Control, Freedom and Compliance. The main game requires 3-5 people, with 4 being ideal. The book will contain an appendix with a 1-person SOLO mode, and a 2-person VERSUS mode. In both cases, the game does not use dice. There is no GM. The total playtime is from 3-6 hours.

Players rotate four roles over the course of the game:

  • The Prisoner - Playing the collectively created central protagonist. Forced to choose between compliance, defiance, or attempting escape. Can an individual ever truly be free?
  • The Village - Setting scenes in an ambiguous, timeless open prison. You also control technology and any environmental factors. Which are tools of liberation and which lead to subjugation?
  • The Administrator - Play the latest in a string of antagonists, each placed in charge of The Village. Implement a new plan to force The Prisoner to give themselves up. Who is really in control?
  • The Residents - Narrate the cosmopolitan cast of the other people living in The Village (and beyond). Each one has their own outlook and agenda. But who are jailers and who are prisoners? 

The Administrator selects a theme that their plan will take and narrates its implementation. This conflict with The Prisoner creates the pressure cooker. The Village and The Residents throw in twists that ramp up the pressure. As The Prisoner struggles to hold onto themselves, scenes are directed to become ever more surreal. Eventually something, or someone, has to snap!