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Beak, Feather, & Bone: Claw Atlas Expansion Up On Kickstarter

First off, this game uses the Oxford Comma, so it's already got my love. Second, it's for Claw Atlas, a new expansion for the map-labeling RPG Beak, Feather, & Bone. It's got 10 new maps with which you can race to get the best bits for yourself. The expansion is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Claw Atlas highlights the amazing cartography of Jonathan Yee with 10 new city maps to play and replay Beak, Feather, & Bone in new and interesting ways. It also adds 2 additional community roles illustrated by Austin Breed—Hunters & Cartographers—to BFB's core 10, allowing you to randomize factions with a d12 rather than a d10. Lastly, Claw Atlas includes 2 new, Hunter- & Cartographer-inspired optional rules by me, Beak, Feather, & Bone's designer Tyler Crumrine, that add monsters to your cities and let you create maps during play.

Claw Atlas is an expansion, meaning you'll need a copy of Beak, Feather, & Bone's rules to use the maps as intended. If you don't have a copy of BFB already, you can buy one at a steep discount during this campaign! If you're not interested in BFB at all, though, these prints work just as well as maps for other TTRPGs or as art to hang in your home!

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 24 days left to go.