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CGT Studios Previews Taiyo for Bushido

A new 2-player starter set is coming soon for Bushido. Looking to get into the game with a buddy? It's a perfect way to do so. In this preview, we get a look at one of the minis that will be contained therein, Taiyo.

From the preview:

Let’s take another look inside the new Two Player Starter Set!

A villager, Taiyo, is the same age as Koga, and they have been friends forever. They were brought even closer when they lost their mothers and were inseparable as children. However, age has changed the relationship somewhat, and much to Koga's dismay, Taiyo now acts more as a servant than a friend. Taiyo carries Koga's gear, cooks his food and looks after him. He is happy to do this as it allows him to spend time with his childhood friend, and, as it turns out, he is good at anticipating his master's needs. Taiyo doesn't understand the political status of the Jwar Isles, and he has ended up in trouble more than once when the samurai show up to ask for volunteers; Taiyo has even gone with the Shiho and fought the other clans a few times. To Taiyo, fighting for the lords is part of his role, but he doesn't know the allegiance of those who call on him and how dangerous it could be if the Takashi discover his loyalty to the Shiho. Taiyo was there when Koga met with Hinadori and has kept their secret. The low born populace usually does not associate with the Kiyozumi family, but the young Shisai is clearly as smitten with Taiyo's friend as Koga is with her.