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CMON Posts Ankh: Gods of Egypt Game Overview

Ankh: Gods of Egypt is CMON's next Kickstarter campaign, launching on the platform next week. In this article, we get a look at a general overview of the game's mechanics. Just exactly how do the players fight it out for supremecy in Ancient Egypt? Have yourselves a look at the Action Board and how it works.

From the post:

The people of ancient Egypt originally worshipped numerous gods, each one ruling over a different aspect of the people’s daily life or the afterlife. As their society changed, so did the people’s worship, assigning new realms to gods and even sometimes melding two gods together. The gods have noticed this and know that if things keep going as they are, there will eventually only be one god that rules over the Egyptian’s lives. Each wants it to be them, to be supremely worshipped not above all others, but to the exclusion of all others! One god will rule eternally. The rest will fade into legend. In Ankh: Gods of Egypt, players take on the role of these warring gods. In this article, we take a look at the game itself, and delve a bit into its mechanics.