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CMON Posts Household Design Diary #4

CMON is bringing the Household RPG to an English-speaking audience with an updated edition. We've seen 3 design diary entries about it so far, now it's time for a 4th. This time, we get more into the nuts and bolts of the game's workings, itself.

Dear Diary:

I think it is time to talk about what is like to actually play Household, because the game has some very interesting and unique rules, especially when you want to play a longer campaign.

Let’s start by saying that Household not only offers a geographical setting with a detailed House divided into four nations containing lots of locations to freely explore and tons of characters to meet during your Adventures, but also a chronological setting in which some major events are happening is the background and will interfere with the player’s story.

Your adventures will take place inside the House during a specific historical period, the five-year long Fragile Peace.