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CMON Posts Marvel United: Multiverse Preview

CMON's upcoming Kickstarter campaign is for Marvel United: Multiverse. It's got all kinds of changes to it, but what are they, actually? Well, we get a look at that in this preview with Andrea Chiarvesio, one of the designers.

From the article:

Hello everyone! Andrea Chiarvesio here, designer of Marvel United, Marvel United: X-Men, and I’m proud to say, Marvel United: Multiverse! Today, we’re covering the much of what’s new in this new core box of the game, apart from, of course, new Heroes and Villains to play.

We will cover 3 things: Equipment cards, Solo mode, and a few characters making a comeback! When we approached designing the second season of Marvel United, the main questions in our heads were “what is the game still missing?” and “What are our players asking for that could make the game better?”.