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Casual Game Insider Issue 29 Now Available

Gaming magazines are a fantastic way to fill your day with all things gaming. And if you're sitting there thinking, "but I've read all of mine already!", then you're in luck. Casual Game Insider issue 29 has hit the digital shelves. As always, it's got great information about a whole host of games. Why not get a copy for yourself and see?

In this issue:

As a ghost, give nonverbal clues to your teammates to help them solve your murder in Paranormal Detectives by Lucky Duck Games.

Plus: eight games to have on hand at your next party, a recap of Gen Con and Origins 2019, three tips for streamlining your gaming experience, how Floodgate Games opened the floodgates to success, and a FREE game: Night Class: Episode 1 by Epic Endeavor Games.

This issue also features reviews of Slide QuestNoctilucaBugs on RugsBlockbuster Party GameBumúntúGoodCritters, Zangle, and a special review of Fantasy Ranch by Major Fun.