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Catalyst Game Labs Posts Gen Con Plans

Yup, another look at what's going to be at Gen Con... where I won't be... *sigh* oh well. I can still imagine what it's like, thanks to all the previews going up. In this case, it's Catalyst Game Labs.

From the post:


Find an avalanche of new products at our booth, 1611!


  • Hack & Slash: Core Matrix Book
  • Shadow Cast: Character Resource
  • 18-Month Calendar
  • Art Portfolio
  • New T-shirt


  • Alpha Strike Box Set
  • Mercenary-themed Beginner Box (now includes the Vindicator)
  • Empire Alone
  • Technical Readout: Dark Age
  • A Time of War Reprint (Vintage-cover)
  • CountersPack: BattleForce
  • 10 new metal dice pucks (Republic of the Sphere, Rasalhague Dominion, Raven Alliance, Clan Sea Fox, Magistracy of Canopus, Kell Hounds, Hansen’s Roughriders, Avanti’s Angels, Black Thorns, Camacho’s Caballeros)
  • New T-shirt
  • Various new novels in print form including A Question of Survival by Bryan Young, and Land of Dreams by Randall N. Bills