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City Attractions Fantasy RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Ok, so your party gets to a city. You know they'll probably end up at the tavern, but... what else is there to do in town? With City Attractions, a new fantasy RPG zine, you can give them all sorts of fun things to do and see while in town. Head over to the Kickstarter campaign to see more.

From the campaign:

his project started with a single thought. I was planning a filler session for my party and needed something fun for them to do in the city they were in...and I couldn't think of anything! I had to fix that.

And now here we are.

This supplement gives you everything to fill your fantasy cities with fun and wondrous sights, to inject them with some life. There's things to use as a fun filler session. There's secrets, quests, and plot hooks to use them as part of a mini-arc or even a full campaign. However you want to use a magical zoo or fantasy aquarium, we got your back.

Contents include:

  • Tons of NPC
  • New creatures to fill your zoos with
  • Maps of the attractions
  • A whole bunch of random tables to add interesting details to your cities
  • Incredible natural features to make into tourist spots
  • And loads more!

The campaign's way up and over their funding goal (being fair, they weren't asking for much) with 17 days left to go.