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Collector's Edition Tricorder Set Available For Star Trek Adventures

The Tricorder is an iconic piece of tech from the original Star Trek series. And now, you can get your very own. But instead of filled with various electronics, it's fill with everything you need to play Star Trek Adventures. You can head over and get your Tricorder Collector's Edition set now.

From the article:

After years of development and planning, I’m excited to announce that the release of the Star Trek Adventures tricorder box set is finally upon us! Almost as soon as we finished developing the core rulebook, we started developing the tricorder as our key original series product, essentially a love letter to our hard-core original series gamers. We knew that while many of our fans loved the look and feel of The Next Generation era LCARS style layout we used in most of our products, some fans wanted a core product that felt more familiar, something that evoked the original series they knew and loved.

So, here it is. A tidy box set shaped like the classic original series tricorder, with a flip-open lid and a strap that you can use to carry your game with you wherever you may roam. Our original series page design is evident through all the components of the set, including the reference cards, campaign booklet, rules digest, and pre-generated characters. We even made sure to revise the core rulebook from the top down, focusing the lens more tightly onto the original series.