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Cora's Guide to Dinosaurs RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

I mean... who doesn't want more dinosaurs in their games? Really? We all know we do. And Cora's Guide to Dinosaurs is just that. More dinosaurs for your games. But there's also primitive civilizations as well. This 5th edition RPG Zine is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Hello, internet, my name is Chamomile and this is Cora’s Guide to Dinosaurs, a ‘zine size guide to dinosaurs and barbarians for 5e! Unleash your rage with four new barbarian classes, from the Titan Master’s oversize mounts to the Scorpion Warrior’s mastery of the desert, command a pack of animal allies as the Beast Whisperer or ride a utahraptor into battle as the Raptor Master!

Lay giants low with new rules for colossus climbing, embrace the power of the wilderness with new feats, and brave the most hostile environments imaginable with new rules for extreme environments and deadly storms. Bring peace to the borderlands with a new campaign structure in which completed quests make regions safer, adding a layer of strategy and time management that connects your dungeon delves and monster hunts.

And as a GM, figure out how to give your setting a history that players will actually care about and engage with. Y’know that old advice from AD&D about how you should start your campaign by thinking up your setting’s creation myth? Don’t do that.

Also, it turns out that between the MM and Volo’s there’s not really a whole lot of dinosaurs left to cover, so I just told Virgil, my monsters guy, to go nuts, and now we have a sabre-tooth displacer beast and a twelve-legged horror raptor. If these books made more money it’d be a lot easier to pay him for more monsters so we could get past filling in the vital gaps and have more of the crazy awesome stuff, just sayin’.

This is book eleven of twelve and December is the worst month of the year to do a Kickstarter in, so I’m relying on the core audience to carry this series across the finish line. I believe in you guys.

The campaign's headed to 5x funded with 14 days left to go.