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Corvus Belli Hiring Digital Marketing Technician

A game's no good if nobody knows about its existence. You gotta get the word out there. And these days, that means digital marketing. And that's just what Corvus Belli is looking to boost by hiring a new Digital Marketing Technician. If you're looking to get yourself into the gaming industry, this might just be the job for you.

From the job posting:

orvus Belli was born from a dream, the dream of a group of young men and women who imagined turning their passion into their profession.

Twenty years have passed and we're now a company that employs over 50 people, dedicated to imagining, designing, and manufacturing our games and miniatures from Galicia to an international market that values the quality of our products and the attention we devote to our community.

We never stop dreaming! We're on a path to reaching new heights in the wargame and tabletop game industry while striving to provide the best possible experience to our community and customer base.

Care to hop in? How about joining our marketing and communications team? We're looking for someone who'll help us increase the visibility of our online store, corporate websites, and online apps, and analyze if we're making the correct steps towards our goals.

If that's the case, let us tell you what your day-to-day will be like and what we're looking for in our candidates.