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Corvus Belli Posts Motorized Bounty Hunters Stats for Infinity

As you play through a campaign for Infinity, your crew can pick up gear. If you were really lucky, someone could end up with a new set of wheels. Well, Corvus Belli is looking to make that a much more regular thing. They've posted up rules for a Motorized Bounty Hunter figure. You might already have the mini, but now you can have regular stats for it as well.

From the article:

Back in the early days of Infinity, when we were still testing the rules of the very first edition and long before the wargame came out, we already had the Booty Rule with its chart, which included the result of a Motorcycle. Booty has always been a fun rule, but at that time it was even more so, and thanks to one of our play testers, this fantastic player would always line up one or two Bounty Hunters. There was no game in which he did not pray to pagan gods so that at least one of his Bounty Hunters would end up with a motorcycle, and the few times that this happened his cries of triumph could be heard all the way to Madrid.


However, for logistical and agenda reasons, this new profile could not be introduced with the release of N4, so we saved it for the moment when the logistics were already on our side. It was not a difficult decision, because we also like to save some surprises for the future and to release news gradually. This way, the game remains alive and dynamic throughout the year and not tied only to the great annual events that transpire around the hobby industry.

It is an existing miniature at the product level, but from a game point of view, it is a great novelty that offers a new profile, available to anyone who wants to try it. This profile gives all those players who already had this miniature the option of being able to play with it without having to wait for a lucky result in the die or having to pray to pagan gods, as our one-play tester did. Having an available profile also opens the door to, in the future, the release of another miniature of this new unit - but that will depend in large part on the response of the community. That means you all have the power. In the meantime -burn rubber baby!