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Corvus Belli Previews New Tourney Kit for Infinity

There's a new tourney kit coming for Infinity with the ITS Season 12. This will be the first with the new edition of Infinity, so Corvus Belli is looking at how that changes things, among with other changes that they've made in the meantime.

From the article:

Finally the unthinkable has come to pass.. Our contumaciousness, the uncooperative spirit of the great powers of the Sphere, have allowed the Shasvastii to infiltrate the Concilium system from Novyy Bangkok and open a wormhole that the Combined Army could use to strike at Concilium Prima. The fiasco that was Operation Stake Out has put humanity’s back up against the wall, and we now watch in horror as the violence of the alien forces strike at the very heart of the Sphere.

That’s how ITS Season 12 begins! With the fate of the Human Sphere between a rock and a hard place. A season that will undoubtedly be full of challenges.

N4, the new edition of Infinity, has recently reached our hands. With just that happening, it will make Season 12 unique. N4 will break all our presumptions about competitive gaming and we'll have to revisit our lists and our strategies to get the win in ITS tournaments.

We also realize this is quite the challenge, and speaking of challenges - the biggest being the one raised by COVID-19, which has complicated any competitive scene everywhere in the world.

For this reason, we have decided not to open the application for Satellite tournaments for this season, as that the trend over the last few years was to see ever bigger tournaments with greater participation - even without being Satellite Tournaments. In these times, it is best not to encourage large groups to get together.

Another step we have taken to adapt to this new paradigm has been to increase ELO factor K in leagues from 16 to 32, equating them to tournaments, since holding league games will be more viable than holding major tournaments. The way we see it is this - a league is just an expanded tournament stretched out over time.