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Corvus Belli Previews Vargar Maximum Security Team for Infinity

One of the upcoming releases for Infinity, the Vargar Maximum Security Team is well-equipped and well-trained for their tasks at hand. And they've got a cute, little, robot friend. Get a look at them in this preview from Corvus Belli.

From the article:

Surely you’ve heard about a secret base located in some unknown corner of Svalarheima, a research and reverse[1]engineering facility studying alien technology, and more specifically VoodooTech. It’s a classic conspiracy theory, an update of the Area 51 myth from 20th century North America, an urban legend that holds a place of honor in our social imagination. Then you’d be shocked if I told you that the site is real, it exists, and it does engage in alien-technology research. Moreover, it’s used as a maximum-security prison for those POWs of the Combined Army—and, according to some sources, Tohaa as well—who may be of help, whether voluntarily or not, in the research conducted there.