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Creatures: Netherworld RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Tired of the same old monsters to throw at your party? Looking for something new? Then you'll want to check out Creatures: Netherworld. It's a 400-page book just filled to the brim with terrifying foes for your party to get a TPK by. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

💎 If you back this project before May 4th, 11 PM CET, you will get Netherworld Tunnels, a collection of scenarios in print version, along with the PDF version (digital-only backers will only get the PDF version). 

💎 Also, by being an Early bird, you will be delivered first. International logistics are currently experiencing major disturbances, and deliveries can take longer than expected. By being among the first to back us, you will be among the first to be delivered :)


Creatures: Netherworld is a 400-page monster compendium and toolbox for your next campaigns, featuring more than 180 illustrated creatures for all levels, including 150 entirely original ones and 30 great classics with a new spin such as the Aboleth or the Chuul, 5 playable species (Drow, Duergar, Sidhe of the depths, Grimlocks, and Svirfneblins), adventure hooks, new feats and handicaps, 12 original magic items, 8 original archetypes providing you with material to design new monsters for your games... and much more!

The campaign is over 7x funded with 31 days left to go.