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Cryptozoic Home Mega Sale Going On Now

Your home (hopefully). I'm home. Everybody at home. Many people have the opportunity to get some gaming in. Cryptozoic would like it if you made it some of their games. They've expanded their sale with more game titles and have also now included their collectables, if you're into those kinds of things.

From the website:

Make the best of social distancing: Stay home, and play and collect!

By popular demand, we have extended our Stay Home Mega Sale! And we’re adding collectibles, including DC Bombshells and Cryptkins figures, to the list of products with big discounts! For tabletop gaming fans, you can get entries in the DC-Deck-Building Game and Epic Spell Wars series, Pantone: The Game, and many other Cryptozoic titles for cheaper-than-Amazon prices. We’re lowering prices all the time, so keep checking back!

Stores may be closed, but we’re still shipping out products everyday. Free shipping in the continental U.S. for orders over $50!