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Cryptozoic Previews New DC Deck-Building Game Expansions

The DC Deck-Building Game is growing soon as Cryptozoic has two expansions that they're currently working on. The one coming out sooner is The Flash vs Reverse Flash. (add joke about The Flash set getting here quickly) After that will be the stand-alone Injustice box set. They also have news about release dates and other sets.

From the article:

Hey, DC Deck-Building Game fans! It’s been a while since we’ve released new content and we wanted to update everyone on the status of some projects and tease what you have to look forward to. We had previously announced that the next Rivals set, the next big box set, and the first Rebirth expansion would be coming out this year. Let’s get the bad news out of the way. We are no longer planning to release the Suicide Squad expansion for Rebirth. Also, The Flash vs. Reverse-Flash and Injustice are being pushed back to 2022. With that out of the way, let’s look at some quick highlights of these upcoming releases and more.