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Cubitos Board Game Coming From AEG Next Month

The cube. It's a pretty standard shape. 6 equal sides. Pretty unassuming. But when the cubes are trying to race as quickly as they can across the finish line, things will get interesting. And that's what you'll be doing in Cubitos, a new board game coming next month from AEG.

About the game:

Cubitos is on the way to stores near you! February 19th will see the release of John D Clairs next exciting game, putting you in role of wacky cube creatures racing for the win, and the bizarre team that helps them!

Race across the board using abilities found on dice you collect along the way. Will you try for creative abilities to overcome obstacles, or just go for a flat out run as fast as possible? Either might work, or you might end up flat on your back. Learn more in these great reviews and play throughs!