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Cute Creatures Compendium RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Well, one player in my group is going to want to get this so that her character can adopt everything in this book, I'm sure. If you're looking to add some adorable creatures to your D&D games, check out the Cute Creatures Compendium, up now on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Welcome to my Kickstarter campaign for Cute Creatures Compendium!

I am Catilus, also known as Christina, and for the last few years I’ve been doing lots of D&D art and items, maps, stat blocks, and more, along with my DM and author Theo and with the support of the awesome Catilus community!

Cute Creatures Compendium is my largest book to date, full of all sorts of adorable critters to populate your world with or get your gamemaster to give to your character!

  •  40 fully illustrated, uniquely cute creatures with stat blocks ranging from CR 0 to CR 30 (Check out the shroompy that volunteered as the free sample creature here!)
  •  Likes, dislikes, and lore for each cute creature
  • Numerous options for familiars, pact of the chain familiars, and steeds 
  • Rules to tame, befriend, and even build some creatures!
  •  Adventure hooks, optional rules, tables, and other extras to enhance worldbuilding
  • More than 45 detailed illustrations, including art for each creature, by me!

The campaign's around 8x funded with 26 days left to go.