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DGS Games Releases Kaorl for Freeblades

DGS Games has a new release for Freeblades over in their webshop. It's a new figure for the Urdaggar faction, one of their youngest recruits. While they're mostly-untested in battle, they're full of ambition and ready to prove their worth. They're the new Kaorl and you can pick up yours now.

From the post:

Many young Urdaggar warriors hunger for combat and are too eager to patiently train under the tutelage of a more experienced fighter. There is no nuance to the Kaorls, they just pick up their axes and go looking for a brawl. Those that live through their first few battles do learn. They learn to throw their axes as well as hack away with them.

The Kaorl is a follower for the Urdaggar Tribes of Valor.

This is a 32mm white metal model in 3 pieces (body, shield, axe) with a 25mm round plastic base.

Supplied unpainted, assembly required.

Sculpted by Gael Goumon.