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DGS Games Running Shakrim Wavestalkers and Kandoran Deathmasters Kickstarter Camapign

The fine folks over at DGS Games are starting 2019 with a look to expand their Freeblades family. They are running a Kickstarter campaign to bring first one, and then hopefully another faction to the game. Starting out, there's the Shakrim Wavestalkers, a group of snake-people who follow the god Shakkamal. The others are the Kandoran Deathmasters, a true undead horror. The campaign is up and running now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to DGS Games' Kickstarter Project featuring the SHAKRIM WAVESTALKERS from the Freeblades fantasy skirmish miniatures game.  Note that a second faction, the KANDORAN DEATHMASTERS will be created as well as stretch goals are reached.

This project’s main objective is to fund the creation and production of the new Shakrim and Kandoran faction models for use in our tabletop skirmish game, Freeblades ( These models will expand your play experience in both existing and soon to be released scenarios. Your backing will take this new faction from concept art, to masterful sculptures and then into production to be delivered to customers like you.

The base project is the six models that form a Shakrim Starter set, a pre-designed 150 gold freeband for use in Freeblades.  These are white metal models, supplied unpainted.  There are a limited number of pledges available where the models are available assembled and painted.

The Shakrim originated as outcasts of the Empire who were exiled or fled to the archipelago. There they fell under the sway of the Great Shakkamal, a manifestation of the god-aspect of deception and subterfuge. Shakkamal blesses his followers with reptilian characteristics in kind with their level of devotion and inner desires. The first generation took on aspects of snakes and are known as the Blessed, those closest to Shakkamal. Later generations have aspects of other reptiles and are known as the After. Over two thousand years the Shakrim have grown to a powerful realm that controls the eastern seaways between the continents.

The campaign is about halfway to its funding goal with 20 days left to go.