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Daily Magic Games Up On Kickstarter With Multiple Projects

Daily Magic Games didn't want to just have one game as part of their Kickstarter campaign. Or a game and an expansion. They wanted it all. They've got a game, two expansions, and a reprint all in one campaign. All the games are set in the same setting with the same artist across the board.

From the campaign:

What's Going On Here?

Quite a lot actually. We've got one new game called Guild Academies of Valeria; a reprint of Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria and its first expansion, Rise of Titans; and a brand new Shadow Kingdoms expansion called Riftlands. All four items are designed by Stan Kordonskiy and all four are illustrated by our incomparable Valeria artist, The Mico. So, kick back, scroll down, and see what's what. We think you're going to like this!

The campaign's over 4x funded with 23 days left to go.