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Dreams of Tomorrow Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Have you ever had a dream so deep, profound, and important to you that you changed your behaviors because of it? Maybe it seemed like a prophetic vision of the future. Maybe it just seemed like a good idea. Well, in Dreams of Tomorrow, those dreams you're having aren't just your subconscious keeping itself occupied while you sleep, they're portents of things to come. And, thankfully, you have time to fix a broken future. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The future has fallen. After a mysterious decline brought humanity to the brink, the people of the future got to work on fixing the past - by sending sequences of dreams back to our time in order to give us the inspiration we need to change the future.

As a Dream Engineer working in the distant future, you must intertwine memorable and powerful dreams in order to change your present. Catch dream fragments from the Dreamscape and either use their abilities to help you - or weave them together into a completed dream sequence that can be sent back to the past to secure victory! 

Dreams of Tomorrow is a competitive set collection game about weaving dreams, manipulating action spaces, and careful timing of abilities.

Can you shape a dream so powerful it can change the world?

The campaign's about 7/9 of the way to its goal with 22 days still to go.