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Fantasy Flight Announces Descent: Legends of the Dark Board Game

Terrinoth is back. Fantasy Flight's fantasy setting that they've used in many different games is making a resurgence in Descent: Legends of the Dark, a new dungeon-crawl board game that the company is going to be releasing.

From the announcement:

For years, your journeys have taken you across the fantasy realm of Terrinoth, venturing into dark forests, shadowy cities, ancient crypts, and misty swamps… but your true legend is about to begin.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Descent: Legends of the Dark, the definitive cooperative dungeon-crawling board game for one to four players!

Forge your own legend together with your friends as you adventure across the vibrant fantasy realm of Terrinoth! Powered by its fully integrated free companion app, Descent: Legends of the Dark puts you in the role of a budding hero with their own playstyle and abilities. Together with your unlikely companions, you’ll begin an unexpected adventure—an adventure told across the sixteen quests of the Blood and Flame campaign. Throughout your campaign, you’ll face undead lurking in the mists, demonic barbarians stalking the wilds, and even more terrifying threats. With 46 pieces of 3D terrain and 40 stunning hero and monster miniatures to draw you into the game, your greatest adventure is yet before you!


  warmaster at 276 days ago
I think I'll pass on this. Especially after what FFG have done to Star Wars Outer Rim and Heroes of Terrinoth (no expansions at all). Not mentioning I still have a lot of 2nd edition stuff i haven't even unwrapped.