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Fantasy Flight Looks at Solo Rules for Civilization

These days, we're having to find more ways to play the games we love with fewer players on the other side of the table... if any at all. Thankfully, companies have been working at bringing you solo variants for games. In this article Fantasy Flight takes a look at the solo variant for Civilization and how it works on the tabletop.

From the article:

As we all do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing, it can be difficult to fill out the player count for our favorite board games. This new reality sparked a discussion in the Fantasy Flight Games “digital office” about which of our non-cooperative games might be best suited to being played solo! Since I had recently designed the upcoming Terra Incognita expansion, Civilization: A New Dawn came to mind quite naturally.

It occurred to me that the focus row in Civilization: A New Dawn is perfect for operating a programmed opponent, and thus, the idea for the Automated Player was born!

The Automated Player (or AP) uses an unused player’s components and focus bar, with the focus row essentially functioning as a highly simplified version of the code that operates the AI opponents in the Civilization video games, providing a series of instructions for how the AP functions. On the AP’s turn, it will resolve the focus card in the “5” slot of its focus row and reset that card to the “1” slot. To assist with that, the AP has its own set of unique focus cards, designed specifically to remove decisions from the AP’s turn so that you won’t feel like you’re playing for the AP yourself. You can download these focus cards (27 MB), along with the rules (8.5 MB) and start playing today!