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Fantasy Flight Previews Con Exclusive Royal Naboo Fighter For X-Wing

Convention season is damn-near upon us. Adepticon is rapidly approaching, and with it, the start of a season that nowadays basically runs pretty much all year. And with the launch of the season, Fantasy Flight is celebrating with a special edition Royal Naboo Fighter for X-Wing, including an alternate paint job and alternate card art for one of the pilots. But don't worry. Even if you're not up in Chicago, you can still get this figure.

From the post:

Rather than the yellow finish typical of most Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighters, the ship you find in this expansion features the buffed chromium representing the royalty of Naboo from tip to tail, ensuring that it will stand out from the rest of your squadron as soon as you put it on the table. Those of you heading to AdeptiCon from March 25–29, 2020, will be able to pick up this Limited Edition version of the ship throughout the show. But that's not the only way for you to get you hands on this one-of-a-kind N-1 Starfighter. Due to fan feedback, we will also have a limited number of the Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack available through our webstore while supplies last, beginning March 25, 2020.

No matter how you obtain your copy of this expansion, you'll find the ship combat ready. In addition to the striking new paint scheme, this expansion contains a beautiful alternate art Padmé Amidala ship card reflecting the look of her ship along with five other ship cards, seven upgrade cards, and two quick build cards identical to those found in the Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack, giving you the opportunity to fly this beautiful ship into battle with iconic Naboo pilots like Ric Olié and Dineé Ellberger.