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Fantasy Flight Previews Gameplay in Unfathomable

Crossing the Atlantic is a treacherous ordeal when there's evil cultists about looking to make sacrifices to their dark gods. But that's where you find yourself in Unfathomable, a new board game coming from Fantasy Flight. In this preview, we get down to the nuts and bolts, the engine room of the game itself by taking a look at gameplay.

From the article:

Back in June, we announced Unfathomable, the latest board game of traitors and terror in the Arkham Horror Files universe. A few weeks ago, we introduced you all to the ten playable characters in this game and gave you a glimpse into their strengths and abilities. Today, we’re providing a brief look at what the actual gameplay of Unfathomable entails, including the various twists and turns that will unfold in any given play session. Read on to discover what depths of terror await in this thrilling game!