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Fantasy Flight Previews LAAT Patrol Transport for Star Wars: Legion

Out on the battlefields in the Star Wars universe, it's not just troops along the ground that you have to worry about. There's also the potential for all sorts of ships coming in overhead. That includes the LAAT/LE Patrol Transport, coming soon for Star Wars: Legion (originally, I thought this was an X-Wing preview. Took me a minute to realize it while looking at the box).

From the preview:

Searchlights patrol the night sky, seeking signs of the enemy amongst the shifting landscape of war. For such a task, the LAAT/le Patrol Transport is the oft-utilized asset of the Galactic Republic, and later the forces of the Empire, when tracking down and apprehending priority targets. On the battlefield, these nimble transports are used to rapidly deploy troops where they are needed the most, regardless of impeding terrain or hostile environments. Able to soar over obstacles, the LAAT/le can quickly get your troops where they are needed most, and once there, protect their position with aerial support.

Armored transports offer new options for Republic and Imperial strategies and soon you can increase the mobility of your forces by adding the LAAT/le Patrol Transport Unit Expansion  to your tactical repertoire! This dual-faction expansion features a vehicle miniature with a fully-detailed interior and two different sets of pilot options, one in Phase II Clone armor and the other set in the uniforms of Imperial TIE pilots. The rear doors of the LAAT/le can be assembled closed or open to reveal the detail inside and a clear cockpit panel shows the interior of the craft and two pilots inside. This expansion opens up new tactical options never before available to these factions, and is sure to find a place among many player's favorite strategies. Read on to learn more about how the LAAT/le Patrol Transport Unit Expansion might fit into your plans for an aerial assault!