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Fire in the Hole Dexterity Game Up On Kickstarter

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! It's time to hit the high seas and fight for loot! Out on the waves, having good dexterity means a lot. And it's what you'll need to get ahead in Fire in the Hole, a new dexterity game up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Fire In The Hole is the game of skill ‘n scavenge which centers around a large pop-up ship*! One part strategy, another part dexterity, Fire In The Hole is suitable for young landlubbers all the way up to the saltiest of ol’ seadogs. It's rowdy enough for a fun family game night, but has enough twists ‘n tricks fer even the sneakiest o’ scallywags! The entire game is 100% plastic-free and SUPER sturdy, having been play-tested over 100 times! 

*Developed by world famous pop-up Designer David Hawcock and tested by kids, cats and tipsy adults!

The campaign's headed to 30x funded, but only has 4 days left to go.