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Fireclaw Expansion Available to Order for Horizon Zero Dawn

Look at the happy mechanobear! ^_^ He's so happy. ^_^ Ok, maybe he's ripping and shredding his way through the populace and you should probably put a stop to him. Maybe a hug will do it. One way to find out. You can order the Fireclaw expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn from Steamforged Games now.

From the website:

You’ve never faced anything like this lethal machine. Put your hunting skills to the ultimate test with the Fireclaw Expansion!

Made for Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game, this expansion gives you the chance to brave a Fireclaw hunt.

Of all the huge machines, Fireclaw might be the most fearsome. Found in the Frozen Wilds, the bear-like Fireclaw has incredible power and predatory instinct. And it’s the only machine designed to turn hunters… into the hunted.

The first (and only known) anti-human hunter-killer machine, this enormous tabletop enemy is aggressive and relentless, launching attacks from two legs and four.

Can you withstand its furious assault, or will its ferocity be too much for you to bear?