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Firelock Games Releases New Blood & Plunder Force Builder

Keeping track of your army and all the options you can take when building a force can be frustrating. There's games out there with lots of different levers and knobs you can pull and turn, and keeping it all straight can be tricky. Not to say that Blood & Plunder is hard to keep up with, mind you, but to help out with force creation, Firelock Games has come out with a new Force Builder app. It'll help you build your army, and gives you some options for fiddling around with things, letting you try out new stuff you might not've noticed before.

From the website:

We understand that for plenty of miniature gamers, a force builder is a necessity. The wait is over for our new builder, which is now equipped with all force options to help you eliminate any guesswork. You can arrive at your next battle with a fully customized list prepared, and you can conveniently access it either on a screen or a printed sheet.

Those new to miniature gaming might be wondering, what’s a force builder?

A force builder is a tool to help you streamline the creation of your list. We’ve assembled all of our units, commanders, ships, and weapons in one easily accessible place so you can simply click on items to form a list. The builder features helpful prompts to keep you on track so you know your force is legal. It may warn you that you have too many support units vs core units, or the display at the top of the page might indicate that you’re approaching or surpassed the allotted amount of points for the current list.