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First in Flight Board Game Up On Kickstarter

We all know that the Wright brothers were the first to achieve heavier-than-air flight when they took to the skies of Kittyhawk. But they certainly weren't the only people working on the achievement. In First in Flight, you might just be able to beat them to it. The new board game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

First in Flight is a fast-paced historical aviation game from designers Ben Rosset and Matthew O'Malley (The Search for Planet X, Between Two Cities). Take on the role of a pioneer in the race for heavier-than-air flight, balancing risks and rewards in the workshop and in your test flights. Uncover and repair the design flaws in your flyer to outpace your opponents, and make improvements to build your range. Will you crash and burn, or be first in flight?

The campaign's headed to 2x funded with 21 days left to go.