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Free League Publishing Bringing Vaesen - Mythic Britain & Ireland RPG to Kickstarter Next Month

Free League Publishing is looking to expand the Vaesen RPG landscape with a new book coming to Kickstarter next month. It's Mythic Britain & Ireland and... well, it's kind of right there in the name. It brings in the folklore and tales of those islands to the game.

From the announcement:

Do you dare to leave the Mythic North and set sail for mist shrouded isles? Free League today announced a crowdfunding campaign for Vaesen RPG – Mythic Britain & Ireland set to launch at Kickstarter on December 7, at 3 pm CET.

Face the mythic creatures of Britain and Ireland in the upcoming expansion to the multiple award-winning Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying. The brand new setting invites you to experience gothic horror mysteries in the lands of Mary Shelley, Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker.

Written by industry legend and ENNIE-winner Graeme Davis (The Enemy Within) and beautifully illustrated by ENNIE-winning artist Johan Egerkrans. More in-depth information will be revealed at the launch of the Kickstarter on December 7, at 3 pm CEST.

Join the Society and discover the horrible truth behind the old tales.

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