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Free Pirate Promo Cards From AEG

Dead Reckoning is coming in just a couple weeks from AEG. But they're looking to get you some pirate goodness right now. They've got special pirate-themed promo cards for Tiny Towns, Santa Monica, and Space Base up on their website that you can download and add to your games right now.

From the announcement:

To celebrate our upcoming kickstarter for Dead Reckoning, we’ve been going back to some of our best games and giving them some Pirate-ness. We let each designer and development team make some new cards for their games. We’ve been releasing them over on the Dead Reckoning landing page along with information as to how to include them in your game. For Tiny Towns, the team created the Pirate’s Den card, complete with a peg legged avian! For Santa Monica, the team created a shore card with a pirate party ship looming off-shore. For Space Base, John D Clair created 6 promo cards that allow players to bury treasure for use late. We haven’t released the Smash Up card – but it’ll be released around the date we launch the Kickstarter – July 7th.

To download these print and play promo cards, click here!