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Friday Snippets

I am incredibly excited for this weekend. I've got D&D tomorrow and my Bard is going to be put on trial. That's going to be hilarious. My other party members just said that they give me a 90% chance that, at some point, I yell out, "This whole courtroom is out of order!" But it's ok, I've got my defense strategy all put together. But, before I get there, I need to get you a bite-sized gaming story to nibble on.

Today on the platter we have: 4 More Mystic Sets Available From Kraken Dice

4 More Mystic Sets Available From Kraken Dice


Four more Mythical Mystics are ready to be released into the wild. Mermaid, SaberWolf, Unicorn, and Yeti will be available for sale at 6pm PDT on 10-24-19.

The different ink options give each set a very unique and different look from their counterparts. Don’t miss out on completing your collection with these 12 or 14 piece sets.