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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaaay! Woo! It's been a busy week. Lots of proofing. Some writing. And unloading a container thrown in for good measure. Still plenty to do today as well as into next week. But with all that work to do, I need to stay topped off with some tasty food and some even tastier bite-sized gaming stories. Let's get into it. Today on the platter we have:

New Bike Hoods Available From Puppets War

ow fancy your knights should present themselves on a battlefield?

Two new options of war-steed guard are now available for your consideration

New Gothik Revival Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice

Gothik Revival, an all-new acrylic dice line launches Today, Thursday, January 28th at 10am. The first 4 New RAW sets, Black, Blue, Red, and White are a great addition to any dice collection. At just $10 for a 12 piece set, you do not want to miss out!

New Swords and Scabbards Available From Puppets War

Diplomatic solution or aggressive negotiations? 🤔

Swords scabbards are now available in our store. 🗡🗡🗡