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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaay! Woo! It's been a busy week for me, so it feels like it just rushed on by. Of course, that's not a complaint. Especially considering it's a 3-day weekend for us here in the US. Woo! An extra day off! I... have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend. Well, besides going to the huge, international market near me with a friend. That should be fun. But other than that... just chill. Maybe eat some tasty stuff. Speaking of which, there's some bite-sized gaming stories I want to share with you. Today on the platter we have:

Norse Foundry Running Metal Space Dice Kickstarter

These Metal Space Dice. Unlike any dice you have ever owned or used, they draw on the infinite splendor of outer space. They encapsulate all of the thrills of the best RPGs, reflecting you and the daring mood that pushes you to keep playing, keep imagining, and of course, keep rolling.

Space is waiting for you. You can hold it in the palm of your hand.

Are you ready?

We have minted Metal Space Dice in the style of endless, mystic space. All of our dice feature hidden features, which reveal themselves only if you make an effort to tap into them. You may choose to travel to the Auriga Galaxy. There, you blast your way through a wormhole, cross your fingers, and pray for the best.

Labor Day Sale Happening Now at Kraken Dice

What better way to celebrate hard work and the end of summer than great deals, free dice, and free shipping!

September Releases Available From Raging Heroes

The magnificent, haughty and Evil Dark Elves are here!!!

The latest release from Heroes Infinite by Raging Heroes is bringing the Fury of the Dark Elves!!!