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Friday Snippets

And it's Friday! Woo! And it's a 3-day weekend Friday for me. Extra-woo! Though, we're supposed to get a couple inches of "wintry mix" here in Atlanta. Thankfully, I went ahead and did my grocery shopping yesterday (instead of waiting for tomorrow). Gotta stock up so I can make bread-milk sandwiches. But as much as I've got those tasty treats, I've got a couple bite-sized gaming stories for you as well.

Cosmic Witch Dice Set Now Available From Kraken Dice

The Coven is Complete. Don't miss the addition of Cosmic Witch!

Available NOW!

New Lust Elves Available From Raging Heroes

Beautiful but utterly dangerous Queen Shaah

Standing 138 mm tall (over 5.4 inches tall), the spellbinding and charming Queen Shaah is a powerful Lust Elf.

She majestically walks into the fray to mesmerise then crush her enemies on the battlefield.