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Friday Snippets

Honestly? It still feels like a Thursday. Don't know why, but all day, I've been, "Well, it's Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday and then it's the weekend." NOPE! Today's Friday. Tomorrow's the weekend. Woo! And to make sure we've got enough energy for the weekend, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Levitating Dice Up On Kickstarter

You enter the room eager to start your next session. Your GM is sitting at the table strumming their fingers, looking smug, and grinning maniacally as they call out, "Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you. And the dice are all charged up." Your eyes turn toward the mahogany base beside the game screen with a solitary d20 hovering and slowly turning in mid-air with the 20 facing up.

Want to strike an immediate tone for your players? How about an eye-catcher when you walk into a room? Just into geeky physics toys? Wherever you land, we’ve got you covered. These dice can sit on your desk, table, or shelf and remind you of your favorite hobby, making this a great addition to your home or office

The Levitating Dice are magnetically levitating polyhedral dice that hover in the air. A magnetic field keeps the dice floating and rotating delightfully, making this one of the coolest dice sets ever! The Levitating Dice come as either a set of 7 dice (d4,d6,d8,d10,d%,d12,d20) or as a single D20. The current Base holds one die at a time.

Battle Foam Spring Sale Happening Now

The Battle Foam Spring Sale is Live!

Get discounts site wide on everything Battle Foam makes to protect your miniatures. Great time to get your storage for some Spring Cleaning!

Sale Will Run March 24th-27th

15% Discount

• Magna Racks & Bag Bundles

25% Discount

• Everything Else On the Site not noted

60% Discount

• Infinity Alpha and Beta Bags Empty

Arctic Disco Dice Available From Kraken Dice

Sometimes, you just need to party in an ice cave.

Kraken Dice is excited to announce our newest dice set. Artic Disco. This purple and blue holo-foil dice set picks up the light and takes it to a party. This 700 set limited run won't last long.