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Friday Snippets

In line with the rest of the week, it doesn't feel like it's Friday. ... Maybe a Wednesday or something. I guess, at least with that, a Snippets post is appropriate. And I am feeling a bit peckish. So, let's go with some bite-sized gaming stories. Today in the platter we have:

Arsenal Dice Up On Kickstarter

Arsenal dice are a collection of 12 beautifully designed brass metal dice sets: each set is inspired by the weapons and abilities of base 5e Dungeons and Dragons classes. Every set is a masterpiece cast from bronze and hand finished to create an incredible look while maintaining the balance and fairness of the dice.

New Dragon Daymio Shoulderpads Available From Puppets War

New resin kit! ⛩🐉 Dragon Daymio Pads are available here

Eat Me Dice Set Available From Kraken Dice

What change will it create in you? Only one way to find out! 

All New Eat Me 14pc Mushroom Inclusion TTRPG Dice Set.

Limited 400 set run, available now.