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Friday Snippets

Hooray! It's Friday! As I've mentioned all week, it's been a fast one for me because it's been a busy one. So, I'm certainly looking forward to just doing rather little for the next couple days. But before I just lounge around on my couch watching the new episodes of Floor is Lava, I need to get you some bite-sized gaming stories to nosh on.

Dice Crypt 2.0 Up On Kickstarter

Things are never really dead around the graveyard. Ideas, random thoughts and comments tend to float around in the ether inspiring us to dig deeper. The ghostly gentle whispers from our backers can also be heard..

The result is a newly designed Dice Crypt® with features intended to enhance the comfort of your precious dice.

Diversa Dice Up On Kickstarter

A precision dice that is made from seven separate components combining them into one beautiful object. Each die consists of one base body and six numbered plane plates. The base body is machined from aerospace aluminum, but the plates are made of brass, copper, and stainless steel, which makes these dice really unique and attractive.

Diceratops Dice Set Available from Kraken Dice

Each Diceratops dice set includes baby triceratops inclusions that will help a brand new sense of adventure to any game table.