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Friday Snippets

Woo! Friday! Woo! Man, it's been a week. Not like it was awful or anything. It just seemed interminable. Probably, that's because I'm anxious for the weekend as it'll be the first time we'll have a D&D session in almost 2 months. But busy summers are busy. Waddyagonnado? I know what we're gonna do, though. That's get some energy from some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

New White Scars Upgrades Coming From Games Workshop

We’ve had packs of helmet upgrades and embossed shoulder pads packs for the shady chevaliers of the First Legion, the purple epicureans of the Third, and the dour pragmatists of the Fourth. It’s now time for something a little more aerodynamic as we arrive at the Fifth Legion.

Renegade Game Studios Taking Pre-orders for Vampire: The Masquerade: Rivals Expandable Card Storage Box

The Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Expandable Card Game Card Storage Box provides a storage solution for your ever growing collection.

Containers 1 Action Divider, 1 Combat Divider, 1 Ongoing Divider for each of the 12 disciplines, plus a set of 4 generics divider and a set of 10 blanks to customize your own dividers.

Mann Shorts Dice Set Available From Kraken Dice

Kraken Dice and Mann Shorts are proud to present our new Mann Shorts Florida Mann 14pc Limited Edition Dice Set.

 Each Limited Edition Florida Mann dice set features our 14pc Kraken dice set with in a custom purple and yellow blend with metallic blue ink, a custom Mann Shorts dice bag, and 6 matching custom artwork spell cards.