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Friday Snippets

Y'know, sometimes, a week will start out fast as a laser. But then, it'll hit Wednesday and feel like it stops. This week, that speed's just kept on throughout. That's, obviously, not a complaint. I'm always ready for a weekend. And we're on the cusp of another one. So, we should fuel up with some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Handcrafted Butterfly and Bee Dice Up On Kickstarter

Nature is full of beauty. Our aim is to use artistic synthetic glass dice with stylized flower shapes and patterns to represent the beauty and wonder of mother nature. With the use of this unique and beautiful glass we have them set in a way to represent the flowers and vegetation that appear in the natural world. Each d6, d12, and d20 in the sets contain either a beautiful butterfly or bumblebee logo.

3D Print Lizardmen Army Up On Kickstarter

Hello all backers and everyone considering to SRS's next Kickstarter. Thanks to all of your support in the past we can now offer another Pay What You Want Appreciation campaign and we are proud to continue to work with this positive 3D print community. Your opinions, support and advice have helped us get this far while continuing to provide our well crafted miniature designs to all of you at a low cost. As always everything in this campaign comes with clean and pre-supported files to be used with your home 3D printer and we are always open to opinions and comments from our backers. Thank you all, happy gaming once again and now lets get to the minis.