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GCT Studios Launches Bushido Painting Competition, Previews Next Releases

GCT Studios has a lot going on for you in this update. They've got a new painting competition they're running over on their website. They've also got a huuuuuuuge preview of the next wave of Bushido releases.

There's a bear. An actual bear. So you know I'm excited about that.

From the website:

It's been awhile since we ran a competition and as Autumn makes way for Winter and the cold nights draw in we thought it would be great to offer an added incentive to get some paint on your Bushido models. We will be having a painting competition for the duration of October and November. We will be judging on panting quality, style and overall visual appeal of the images but we'd love to see a range of different abilities, to encourage novice painters we've also added the Luck of the Kami prize so one person will win a prize at random, got to be in it to win it and all that.