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GCT Studios Previews Eldest Brother for Bushido

The hulking Oni are quite a force to be reckoned with on the battlefields in Bushido. Soon, a new one will be hitting tabletops. He's the Eldest Brother and we get a look at his figure as well as his card in this preview.

From the post:

Abandoned by accident when the monks of the Temple of Rokan banished the last Savage Wave, one Oni-sho was left without guidance on what it means to be an actual being, let alone an Oni. He wandered the world aimlessly, looking for acceptance until he was captured and taken against his will to the Empire. Once there, he was displayed as an oddity and a warning; he was shackled, bound, and dragged from baying crowd to baying crowd surviving only what they threw at him. He was sold eventually to an unscrupulous warlord who forced him to fight in the notorious Jade Pits of the Tzentch Falls, where he met Shiho Hiroto. Eldest brother has always thought of this meeting as the hand of fate at work and not pure happenstance.

Shiho Hiroto recalls it like this, “I met him on my travels. I was living by my sword carving out a reputation for myself as a Ronin. I would journey from one place to the next, to fight, kill, to do what I had to do before moving on. Then one winter I was up near the Tzentch Falls, in the Jade Pits, doing a bit of fighting for the crowds when they brought him out. He was a lot smaller then, almost like their version of a child, and I felt sorry for him. They’d beaten him senseless and tortured him near death. They almost destroyed him. So I broke his chains, slew anyone that got in our way then robbed the counting-house on the way out. We’ve been together ever since.”