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Games Workshop Announces New Paints

Painting. The application of colored goop to your little mans. Most of us do it. Some of us really enjoy it. Can't say I ever was all that great at it, and having not painted any figures in a couple years, I doubt my skills are that great. But, if I was going to get back into painting, now would be a good time as Games Workshop has a whole bunch of new paints coming out.

From the article:

Paint makes Warhammer, and gorgeous miniatures are a key part of the Warhammer hobby. There’s nothing better than two epic-looking armies facing off on the battlefield, and we all take great enjoyment in sharing our proudest paint jobs on the internet. To help you keep creating incredible armies and jaw-dropping models, we’re massively expanding our Contrast range, improving our range of amazing Shade paints, and creating our smoothest and brightest ever white spray – the best just got better.

Before we take a closer look, here’s every new hue arriving at a paint rack near you.