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Games Workshop Announces New Tyranid Codex

Before I was a Greenskin, I actually tried out a bug's life with Tyranids. Granted, back then, the Carnefix was a new model (and made of metal). Times sure have changed. And while the WAAAGH!!! took over my heart, there's still a soft spot for the chittering masses. Get a look at the new Tyranid codex coming for 40k.

From the article:

A shadow is looming over, and the chittering can only mean one thing – the Tyranids are on their way. Teeming hordes of fanged horrors will soon descend, and alongside their spores, claws, and biological weapons, they’re bringing a brand new codex with them.

Nobody embodies the ferocity and strength of a Hive Fleet better than the Hive Tyrant, which takes pride of place on this awe-inspiring cover. An oppressive rain of spores and flying bioforms blankets the background, blocking out the sun and perfectly encapsulating the overwhelming horror of a Tyranid invasion.