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Games Workshop Announces New Warcry Releases

More Warcry is making its way towards your tabletops. From Gen Con, over the weekend, Games Workshop has announced a new set. Head on through to get a sneak peek at what it will entail.

From the article:

Welcome back to our web of rumours from Gen Con 2021. You’ve already heard echoes from Harrowdeep, seen glimpses of skirmish battles in the grim darkness of the far future, and met a bloodthirsty team who are on the way to the gridiron. 

For our final tease from the event, we’ve got whispers straight from the war-torn wastes of the Eightpoints, where things are heating up like the furnaces of Tharkar Zaal* itself.

Warcry is a fast and furious game of warband-on-warband violence. Devoted cultists fight to prove their worth to the Chaos gods, agents of Order battle to bring them down, and Death and Destruction are inevitable. 

Now, there are rumblings of a new struggle beneath the Varanspire, and mysterious creatures have delivered us a morsel.