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Games Workshop Looks Inside Spike! Issue 10

There are many kinds of greenskins out there. We all know about Orks and Grots. But even smaller and more weenie than grots, there's the Snotlings. But don't let their small size, weak arms, and squishy bodies fool you, they can be a force to be reckoned with, even out on the gridiron. A new Snotlings team is coming for Blood Bowl and you can get a look at them in this preview of the upcoming Spike! Journal.

From the website:

Jim: Welcome, sports fans! Bob and I have the pleasure of guiding you through what’s inside the latest instalment of Spike! Journal.

Bob: Yeah, so grab yourself a juicy McMurty’s burger, pour yourself a nice, refreshing pint of Bloodweiser, and relax while we talk you through it.

Jim: That was pretty shameless product placement there, Bob…

Spike! Journal brings you up to date with all the latest news, gossip, interviews, and playbooks from the world of Blood Bowl. If you’re a fan of the beautifully violent game, then each magazine is essential reading!